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Welcome to Choi Martial Arts Academy!

Choi Martial Arts Academy located at the corner of Madison Avenue and Southport Road, is Indiana’s oldest Tae Kwon Do school and the largest martial arts studio on Indianapolis’ South side. We offer children, adult and family martial arts classes for all skill levels.

Martial Arts CouponWhy Tae Kwon Do?

  • Lose Weight
  • Gain Strength, Flexibility, Balance
  • Self-Defense
  • Family Atmosphere
  • Authentic Korean Instruction
  • Same Location on Indy’s Southside for 40 Years

Grandmaster Min H. Choi was born in Busan, Korea and as a teenager he was accepted into Korea’s most prestigious martial art school, the Ji Do Kwan, Academy of Self Defense. He established the first ever Tae Kwon Do School in the State of Indiana in 1971. In 1973 he was recognized by the Indiana Association of Chiefs of Police for training Police Officers and Physical Education Instructors for the Indiana Police Department (IPD ) Training Academy.

Today Grandmaster Min H. Choi is a 9th Degree Black Belt and has been teaching Tae Kwon Do for over 40 years in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The students of Grandmaster Min H. Choi are indeed honored to study under him and appreciate his willingness to share his knowledge.

Here’s what our current students have to say:

“I take Tae Kwon Do because it helps me stay in shape physically and mentally. It is a challenge each time I come. It allows me to keep centered mentally, relieves any stress that daily life accumulates, and is great for self confidence. Tae Kwon Do is a life changing activity.”

“For me, Tae Kwon Do began as an exercise to improve myself mentally and physically. After 20 years I realized that is now part of my life and something that has given me great pleasure, focus, discipline, and self confidence.”

“Tae Kwon Do offers a fantastic opportunity for personal growth – both physically and mentally. The art developes respect for others and builds self discipline that translates to all aspects of a healthy and successful life.”